Sunday, February 14, 2010

y ladies stil single 2day....

why ladies stil single 2 day
the nice men r ugly
the handsome men r not nice
the handsome and nice men r gay
the handsome , nice and heterosexsual men r married
the men who r not so handsome  but r nice men have no money
the men who r not so handsome but r nice men with money think we r only after their money
the handsome men without money r after our money 
the handsome men who r not so nice and somewat heterosexsual dun think we r beautful enaugh
the men who think we r beautiful dat r heterosexsual sumwat nice  and have momey r cowards
the men who r sumwat handsome  sumwat nice and hav sum money and thank GOD r heterosexsual r shy and  NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!!
the men who never  meke the first  move automatically loseinterest in us when we take the initiative...

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